RC Drone Uav helicopter crop

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Product Description

Agriculture Helicopter For Farm is composed of 2 parts, aircraft platform and control aircraft flight computer system(also known as flight control).Electromechanical integration platform and flight control system are a community.If the plane platform is a body, flight control is the soul of the aircraft platform.Like computer, all equipped have OS operating system.


1.Payload increased 

2.Low cost

    Agricultural Unmanned Helicopter  is sold by manufacturer, so its price is competitive.

3.Easy Operation

    Agricultural unmanned helicopter can take off vertically which effectively lowers the operation difficulty and the risks. Flying at low altitude of several meters, the spraying effect can be controlled in the active area. It is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain farmlands and the crops and woods of different heights. The spraying operation skills of agriculture unmanned helicopter can be mastered via simple training.

3. Environment-friendly

    The dosage of pesticide is reduced, so it can minimize the pollution of pesticide to the environment and crops. It is not harmful to the operator in the distances when dusting, and the labor intensity is reduced dramatically.

4. Excellent Crop Spraying

    While it utilizes the strong downward rotating airflow to flip and shake the crops when spraying, it comes into being a turbulent area above the crops underneath. The crop spraying is very uniform and partial pesticide is dusted on the back of stem and leaf, the quality of crop spraying of which the manpower and other spraying equipments can not achieve. As the cyclone under the helicopter is concentrated and powerful, it is easier to form a layer of membrane through the fluff surface of the plants to kill the pests uniformly and effectively by utilizing the ultra-fine pulverization dusting.





Aircraft folding size


Aircraft weight


Maximum takeoff weight


Aircraft pesticide load



23inch carbon fiber plant protection special propeller

Spraying task system

1 sets of kit, dispersion spray system, booster pump

Remote control

2.4G  nine channel

Power battery

High performance lithium polymer lithium battery (22.2V/16000mA)


High power lithium battery balance charging equipment 

(can charge 2 pcs at the same time, half an hour full)

UAV self stabilization system


Spraying system

Diffuse atomization nozzle (a group of *6)

Motor speed


Aircraft endurance time

10~15 min

Spraying height

Field operation0.5-4meter

Spraying area


Control efficiency


Spray flow

0.25-0.75L/min(multi nozzle) adjustable

Flying speed

0 -8m/sec(can be adjusted according to needed speed)

Flying height



Arbitrary position direction air hover

Flight attitude

Flying in any direction, can be reversed to fly, emergency brake

Takeoff / landing time

≤1 minute

Body material

Carbon fiber

Temperature range


Battery power performance

Charge-discharge 300-500times

Rack life


Maximum efficiency


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